Novel Synopsis

written and sent by Ahmad Ibnu


After celebrating at a drinking party with his close friends, Tun  a photographer, and Jane , get into a car accident. Jane hits a young woman. With much fear and bewilderment, Tun prohibits her from getting out of the car they drive away, leaving the poor girl lying on the road. Tun begins to discover mysterious white shadows and what appear to be faces in his photographs. A suspicious Jane thinks these images may be the ghost of the girl they hit on the road. Tun, who has been experiencing severe neck pains since the accident, visits a specialist. While a nurse attempts to measure his weight, to his dismay, he weighs approximately 120 kilograms 264 pounds. While collecting his medication via the counter, he hears a woman’s voice that accuses him of being a liar and he runs away, traumatised  Unconvinced of the existence of the supernatural, Tun dismisses the idea of being haunted although his friends are also being disturbed by this mysterious girl.

Jane begins to investigate in the school’s lab and discovers that the girl was Natre , a shy young woman who had attended the same college as Tun. After confronting Tun, Tun admits that he and Natre were in a relationship, which Tun had kept secret from his friends. Natre loved Tun dearly and threatened to commit suicide when Tun abruptly broke off the relationship. Tun witnesses his friend, Tonn, committing suicide by jumping from his apartment balcony. Tun discovers that his two other close friends from college have also committed suicide. Believing that they have been coerced into doing so by Natre’s ghost, Tun becomes convinced that he will be next.

The haunting of Tun by Natre’s ghost escalates, so he and Jane visit Natre’s mother. At her house, they discover the decaying body of Natre in her bedroom. They learn that Natre had committed suicide by jumping off the roof of a hospital, but her mother could not bear to have her cremated. Tun and Jane spend the night in a hotel, where Tun wakes up and is confronted by Natre’s ghost. Tun tries to escape but is pursued; ultimately, while trying to get away, he falls off a fire escape and is injured. Natre’s funeral is held the following day, after which Jane hopes that everything will return to normal.

However, on returning to Bangkok, Jane collects some photographs. One of the films shows a series of shadowy images of Natre in Tun’s apartment. Investigating further, Jane finds a set of negatives hidden behind the bookcase. She develops the negatives to find photographs in which Tun’s friends the ones who committed suicide are sexually assaulting Natre. Utterly disgusted by her findings, a teary Jane questions Tun. Tun admits that he witnessed the rape but did nothing to stop his friends, and that he was the one who had taken those photos. He says he did it out of peer pressure and has never forgiven himself, but Jane leaves him.

Knowing that he is still haunted by Natre, Tun takes a series of Polaroid photographs in his apartment in an attempt to find her. Having no success, he throws the camera across the room in a rage, only for it to go off, taking a photograph of Tun, revealing Natre sitting on Tun’s shoulders. In the ensuing confrontation, Tun jumps from the window, trying to escape from Natre. The final scene shows a badly bandaged Tun slumping over in a hospital bed while Jane visits him. As the door swings closed behind Jane, the glass reflection shows Natre still sitting on his shoulders.


How to be a good leader

by Tommy Adrianto

First,What is a Leader?Leader is A person or thing that holds a dominant or superior position within its field, and is able to exercise a high degree of control or influence over others.The another sense is, a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal.In this academy,i have learned many way to be a good leader,like speech in the ceremony,become a head of the organization,and many things i have learned to be a good leader.

To be a good Leader,You must have the courage to perform in front of many people,That is the most important thing to be a leader,if you don’t have the courage to perform in front of many people,you can’t be a leader. Based on my experience, I have some important thing to be a good leader.

Share your vision. As a leader, you can see the bigger issues at hand, but you can also see how things could be so much better if we could just remove those obstacles. To get people to help you in changing things, you need to share that positive vision with them. Inspire them. Motivate them. Guide them. Show them how their actions are bringing everyone closer to that dream. Most important, leaders can conceive and articulate goals that lift people out of their petty preoccupations and unite them in pursuit of objectives worthy of their best efforts..

Be proactive. If you’ve got these ideas in your mind about what the deeper issues are, you can probably predict the problems that’ll crop up as a result. Instead of waiting for those problems to appear, take steps to prevent them. If you can’t prevent them, then you can at least prepare. That’s the core difference between a leader and a manager. A good manager responds well to a variety of situations; a good leader takes effective action to prevent and create situations before they actually happen.

Make decisions, and take responsibility for the consequences. In order to exert influence and tackle bigger problems, you’re going to need decision-making power, and those decisions will affect the people who grant you that power. This is as much a responsibility as it is an honor. Not only do you need to be able to make sound decisions, but you also need to be willing to be held accountable to them. If things go wrong, people will assume it’s your fault (whether it is or not). Think of yourself as the captain of a ship; the fate of the ship is essentially in your hands, and it’s up to you to steer everyone in the right direction. So exercise wisdom when calling the shots; hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If you’re not prepared to take responsibility for your decisions – if you struggle with hesitation and self doubt  it might be a good idea to step down. An insecure leader often becomes a tyrant.

The last is, Remember that it’s not all about you. The greatest leaders saw their role as a means to an end, and themselves as an instrument of a deeper purpose; any glory, prestige, or wealth was a side effect rather than a motivation. If you want to realize a vision, the most effective way to do it is not with an army of drones; that army will only last as long as you do. For the most long-lasting results, share your vision and let people adopt it as their own, and let it spread like wildfire. Think of yourself as the beginning of a chain reaction once it’s begun, you can step away and it’ll continue to happen without any effort on your part. A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.

The conclusion ,from all the things to be a good leader, You must be prepared to come under pressure, to deal with any issues, solve problems, and you also have to listen to the opinions of your subordinates. I think that is all for my article,I hope it can be useful for all people who read this.

From Parida Johanna to a friend

Sometimes you think you’ll be fine by yourself
Cause a dream is a wish that you make all alone
It’s easy to feel like you don’t need help
But it’s harder to walk on your own

Someone who knows when you’re lost and you’re scared
There through the highs and the lows
Someone to count on, someone who cares
Beside you wherever you go

You’ll change inside when you realize
The world comes to life and everything’s bright
From beginning to end when you have a friend by your side
That helps you to find
The beauty you are when you open your heart
And believe in the gift of a friend

What is a lesson plan?

Preparing a lesson plan is one of teacher’s responsibilities which is needed for all teachers before they are going to teach. How the teaching and learning process runs is described in the teacher’s lesson plan. Generally, most teachers have the same format in designing it.

The objective of a lesson plan is what the teacher expects from the students or what the students is expected to be able to do. In this process, the teacher explains to the students about  the material that is going to deliver, what students should do, and how the teacher is going to run the activity,  that means the objective must be clear.

The second is the core of the lesson plan that is known as the teaching and learning process. In this process the teacher begins to deliver the materials, and develop a plan in order to attain a selected objective by implementing teaching strategy. Furthermore, because the teacher is seen as a motivator and facilitator as well as an instructor, it is recommended to encourage the student to practice more than what was given to them at this time. The more organized a teacher is, the more effective the teaching, and the learning is.

The third is evaluation, it is the process where the teacher knows the achievement of the objective, weather the students have gained the objectives of lesson plan or still need improvements. The teacher has to assess both the students’ attainment and the effectiveness of the lesson plan.

In summary the simple process in delivering a lesson plan are: objective, teaching and learning process, and evaluation. They are as one unit in the lesson plan format which unite  each other. Hopefully all teachers do those steps professionally. With the teacher’s positive encouragement and students active participation, the three process will run success.

How to paraphrase

Direct Quotation (Cooperative Learning in foreign language teaching Journal by Jette Stenlev,Lecturer, MA The Copenhagen Day and Evening College of Teacher Training, page 33)

Cooperative learning is learning in a small group where interaction is structured according to carefully worked out principles. The method, which was developed in the USA, arose among other things out of concern that the traditional school was creating far too many losers, destroying the spontaneous joy of learning in many young people and failing to develop one of the most important things one will need in later life, i.e. the ability to cooperate with others.

Sum up

In  order to attain the interaction among students and to force students to have the cooperation ability with others, there is a cooperative learning strategy that teachers can do.


Cooperative learning is kind of method that encourage students to have interaction  or work together among them.