Belarusia Free Visa for Indonesia Citizen

In the last 2 years, the government’s policy that states will provide free visas to hundreds of countries reap the pros and cons. President jokowi created this policy to increase foreign exchange through the tourism sector. He believes with this policy, then the tourists from abroad will come to vacation in Indonesia.

Two-year rule of President Jokowi, many tourism programs do. Visa-free policy is considered effective to add foreign tourists. Related to the performance of tourism, the spotlight is visa-free policy and Tourism Special Economic Zone. With visa-free policy for the tourists from 169 countries are already under way, there was an increase of 5-20 percent of foreign tourists visit.

Now, this policy has been given to 169 countries. Not only Indonesia who have imposed this policy, but there are some countries that also make this policy, as countries as Malaysia, Singapore and others.

This policy should have the principle of “reciprocity”, which is where this principle states that the principle of reciprocity from countries that Indonesia provide visa-free. But in reality, not all of the 169 countries who provide free visas to Indonesia.

Starting next month, certainly February 12 2017 this Indonesian citizens can enjoy visa-free facilities, an Indonesian citizen who visited Belarus, can come into the country without a visa This was conveyed by Indonesian ambassador to Belarus Vladimir Lopato-Zagorsky.

the decision to grant visa-free facility is provided by the government of Belarus after the approach taken by the Indonesian government three years ago, but government of Belarus just give 5 days The Government of Belarus has so far only provide visa-free facility for only five days. Why is that?.

Because Belarus is not a big country. Most tourists only stay in Belarus for 3-5 days. Two days in Minsk and the rest out of the city. Belarus is quite unique position in Eastern Europe allows the tourists, including from Indonesia could travel to some countries in europe.

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